How it works?

The sessions are individual and last 45 minutes.

During the session:
In the first 5 to 10 minutes, you define what your current situation is: what in your life is not working as you wish or would like to work better, and what you would like to experience or feel instead.

From that point we will do the change processes (called balances) with your Subconscious Mind. Depending on each case, we will be able to work with one or more topics during each session.
I invite you to read the information about PSYCH-K® before the session to use the time in the most effective way.
Number of sessions:
Some issues can be resolved in a single session, while others may require additional ones, as each belief system is different.

At PSYCH-K® we believe in recovering your personal power, so you decide the number and frequency of sessions. Creating your own “tailor-made” process for you to design your destiny.
As you experience the process, you may notice change or transformation during the session or immediately after, but it can also come in the days that follow as the process continues for the next hours and days.

As a result of each PSYCH-K® session, you can experience a series of transformations in various areas of your life, in addition to what was worked on during the session. I invite you to observe with curiosity. You’ll be surprised!

How do remote sessions work?

Because we believe that we are all ONE, it is possible to do PSYCH-K® remotely, using a process called Subrogation, where the Facilitator can use their physical vehicle to collaborate with another consciousness that is not physically present or able to participate as long as it is SAFE AND APPROPRIATE for both consciousnesses involved.

In this way, we can do PSYCH-K® remotely with people, as well as help animals, babies, people with limited mobility, or your relationship with money, health, food, etc.

These sessions are done via video call.
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